Continued Development

‘All too often we hear the mantra “our people are our greatest asset” but then see the workforce being given less care and attention than the IT systems or the vehicle fleet. When companies really see their people as a key asset they plan for their ‘routine maintenance’.

Whilst participants will likely experience increased self-awareness and behavioural changes from attending mindfulness training, from a neurological point of view, new behavioural patterns are still relatively weak and vulnerable to decline.

Supporting continued meditation practice is therefore important if individuals are to experience the continued benefits of mindfulness and the possibility of changes in ‘trait’* associated with longer term improvements in self-efficacy.

As social beings, community forms an important element in the maintenance of a mindfulness practice. The support of both an instructor and fellow meditators encourages

  • continued personal growth,
  • the ongoing integration of increased awareness into working lives and,
  • the courage to challenge any unhelpful personal and/or organisational behaviours.

Continued development sessions (from hour top-ups to more intensive skills development days/retreats) can be offered in-house as part of an organisation’s wider mindfulness programme, or in circumstances where this does not allow, through our public continuous practice group.

Further information

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Cultural change

Those seeking cultural change will, of course, recognise that both health and growth are heavily influenced by the ‘outer’ circumstances in which individuals work – please see Tree 4 ‘Mindful Organisations’ for more.

Mindful Organisations

Integrating brain-friendly behaviours, psychological safety, emotional agility and creativity

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* From States to Traits: the Latest Science on What Meditation can and Can’t Do