We are a group of committed mindfulness practitioners who share a common passion for the transformational power of mindfulness.

We each specialise in specific areas of mindfulness according to our personal interests and professional backgrounds, offering mindfulness training in organisations.

Robert Broughton

Managing Director of NCMC, Mindfulness Instructor, Supervisor and Mentor

Robert’s work is continually inspired by his own practice, a fascination of mind and emotions, and a concern for the wellbeing of others. He believes we all have the potential to improve our quality of life through greater awareness, compassion and authenticity.

Journey to mindfulness
Robert’s initial introduction to meditation was through martial arts where he found meditation both calming and a natural approach into greater embodiment of the skills being taught. Reading Sogyal Rinpoche’s book ‘The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying’ in 1997 lead to a more serious meditation practice. Whilst studying emotional intelligence in 2007 Robert was inspired by Jon Kabat-Zinn’s MBSR course. Since then he hasn’t looked back taking much enjoyment and inspiration from his own ongoing practice and teaching mindfulness.

Teaching experience
Robert started teaching meditation courses in 2009. Since then he has taught over 100 mindfulness courses within the NHS, Cancer Charities, Schools and to the public. He has also spoken about mindfulness in healthcare on many occasions and in 2014 he was invited to join Leeds University/White Rose Consortium for Mindfulness in Education research team as an expert member. Robert qualified as a mindfulness supervisor and mentor from Bangor University in 2017.

Continued personal & professional development
Robert enjoys studying, reading and practicing mindfulness meditation. He embraces Buddhist philosophy and western psychology, psychoanalysis and neuroscience and views his personal development as core to his teaching.

Personal interests and hobbies
In his spare time Robert enjoys mountain trekking including achieving a life time aspiration in 2017 of climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp. He is also a keen explorer of the natural world, contemplative photographer and book collector.

“Robert is brilliant – I have done loads of similar courses but this was by far the best”
“Excellent instructor – truly embodying the spirit of mindfulness”
“I felt valued as a participant & safe to share my thoughts & feelings – that’s a very special thing”

Sally Roberts

Mindfulness Instructor and Workplace Lead

A former HR Manager (MCIPD) Sally is passionate about the potential of mindfulness to transform the way we live and work. She teaches regularly in a variety of workplace settings and has spoken locally and regionally for the CIPD.

Journey to mindfulness
Not a natural candidate for mindfulness, it took chronic illness (CFS/ME) in 2008 before Sally would consider something as ‘alternative’ as mindfulness! To her surprise this became a time of significant personal growth, during which she immersed herself in the practice of mindfulness, Buddhist philosophy and western psychology.

Teaching experience
Since training to teach mindfulness in 2012 Sally feels privileged to have shared many journeys into mindfulness and continues to be inspired by the transformational impact these can have at both an individual and organisational level. She has particular interests in how organisations equip individuals to manage change and in the conscious cultivation of insight in leadership and human resources. Please get in touch or see chapter 12 of Chapman-Clarke’s ‘Mindfulness in the Workplace: An Evidence-based Approach to Improving Wellbeing and Maximizing Performance’.

Continued personal & professional development
Sally values the richness, learning and potential that formal and informal mindfulness practice brings to her life. She attends regular CPD events and retreats in line with the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers Good Practice Guidelines.

Personal interests and hobbies
Sally has a love of learning, be it from her own inner experience, others, reading or nature. She values simplicity, such as spending time with her dog and camping. A former ‘sporty’ type, she now engages in random acts of sportiness including, riding, skiing and more recently having a go at wing walking!

“Sally was kind, compassionate & knowledgeable. Never judgemental and made me feel ok just as I am”
“Sally was a wonderful instructor – I really found her calm & kind manner a real benefit in settling my anxieties about this course”
“This was the best event I have attended in my 23 years with the CIPD. What Sally did was bring a genuineness, passion and knowledge which allowed us to experience mindfulness from a fresh perspective”

Alex Wilson

General Office Genius (GOG!)

Alex first began working with NCMC in 2015 as an office volunteer. Over the course of a year, he began helping with increasingly varied tasks quickly making himself indispensable and becoming an employed member of the team. Whilst you won’t find Alex leading any mindfulness courses, as the first point of contact he’s a vital part of NCMC, responding to enquiries and quietly supporting the instructors from behind the scenes.

Personal interests and hobbies
One of Alex’s most enduring loves is that of storytelling, whether it’s in the form of a book, a film, a video game, or a live performance. In this same vein, he enjoys creative writing and penning ideas for his own stories. In addition to this, Alex has a soft spot for European history, and particularly enjoys pouring over old maps, or visiting historic cities in person whenever he gets the chance.