Cultivating mindful organisations

A criticism of workplace mindfulness relates to it being inadvertently used as an organisational sticking plaster, with a focus purely on individuals and little consideration or acknowledgement of underlying organisational issues. In our experience continued personal meditation practice, alongside an organisational willingness to allow mindfulness to change ways of working, offers powerful possibilities in new ways of living and working, including:

  • important shifts in individual and organisational handling of mental health in particular, and health and wellbeing in general
  • the cultivation of emotional agility and cultures of life-long learning
  • where necessary, challenging individual and organisational perceptions around effectiveness and productivity

The first steps in cultivating a mindful workplace is the cultivation of individual mindfulness skills through workshop and course participation. Focus can then shift to professional and organisational integration. We are happy to work in partnership with employers who are committed to the cultivation of mindful workplaces.

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