Monthly Mindful Monday – Deep Work

Taster/Continued Practice Online
3rd October 2022
20:00 to 21:00
£10 – 15

UK based Mindfulness Training

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IMPORTANT: These events are being delivered online via Zoom. Please read our Further Guidance around this before booking. Please also retain your Eventbrite booking confirmation email which will provide your Zoom access link.

Monthly Mindful Mondays

… exploring real life topics through the lens of mindfulness.

Deep Work

With numerous things vying for our attention, how often do you feel able to engage in work which requires focussed attention? Do you find yourself craving the space to actually concentrate on something?

And when you do find that precious space do you feel able to pay attention to what you are hoping to do? Or do a myriad of things whirl around in your mind, drawing you away to other tasks?

This heady cocktail of outer and inner distractions can mean we risk feeling perpetually torn between one thing and another and never actually able to bring focussed attention to what’s important in that moment.

What will this session offer?

  • A better understanding of mindfulness.
  • An awareness of the importance of consciously cultivating attention.
  • Understanding of opportunities to engage in further training to manage inner and outer distractions more effectively.

Monthly Mindful Mondays

This session forms part of our Monthly Mindful Mondays which generally run on the first Monday of each month * from 8 – 9pm.

  • 7th March – Approaching Anxiety Mindfully
  • 9th May – Mindfulness and Sleep
  • 6th June – Mindfulness and Exercise
  • 4th July – Inner Confidence
  • 5th September – Meditation and the Inner Critic
  • 3rd October – Deep Work
  • 7th November – Responding to Burnout
  • 5th December – Mindful Listening

Sessions will include a mixture of teaching, guided meditations and reflection space and will be led by either Robert Broughton or Sally Roberts in line with their particular areas of practice.

If you are new to mindfulness you can expect to

  • understand some of the common misconceptions about mindfulness,
  • be given some protected space to explore the session topic, and
  • make informed decisions as to next steps.

If you already have an established meditation practice these sessions offer a regular opportunity to

  • prioritise your practice
  • connect with like-minded people
  • integrate mindful awareness into different areas of your life.

*excluding January, Easter and August.

Researched benefits of a regular mindfulness practice include:

  • a greater capacity for relaxation and calmness
  • less worry, anxiety and lower instances of depressive episodes
  • enhanced emotional agility, resourcefulness and resilience
  • improved self-confidence, engagement and creativity
  • better sleep quality, clearer thinking and decision making.

Please don’t forget…

As with any other skill mindfulness takes time to be learned. Whilst people may well experience a change in ‘state’ as a result of introductory sessions or ad-hoc use of an app, the researched benefits of mindfulness come from the regular practice of mindfulness meditation and the possibility of changes in ‘trait’**.

More in depth mindfulness training (both through our public and workplace programmes) is available for those looking to develop a regular meditation practice, either as a means of nurturing health and wellbeing or of developing inner resources and competencies for an ever-changing and sometimes challenging world.

“…the most important thing is to invest in emotional intelligence and mental balance, because the hardest challenges will be psychological” -Yuval Noah Harari

** ‘From States to Traits: the Latest Science on What Meditation can and Can’t Do’

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