Mind Training Series

8 week course Online
From 9th October 2020
10:00 to 12:00
£150, or by donation.

A structured eight-week course offered in response to Ruby Wax’s suggestion that we should all upgrade our minds as we would our i-phones!*

IMPORTANT: This event is being delivered online via Zoom. Please read our Further Guidance around this before booking. Please also retain your Eventbrite booking confirmation email which will provide your Zoom access link.

Mind Training Series

This being human can be both amazing and tricky. There’ll likely be times of ease and times of challenge. Times of transition and times of stability. Times of good health and times of dis-ease. Our lives are ever-changing, if we’re lucky enough to love we will likely at some point experience loss, be it of a relationship, a loved one or for those who love their work, a job. If we have responsibility for others, be it children, a team or an organisation how good are we at managing our own and others more ‘messy’ moments, those ‘soft’ skills which can be, well, so hard!

Whilst the attainment of knowledge and development of technical skills are encouraged, the cultivation of psychological skills to manage the more human dimensions of our lives can sometimes be overlooked. How good are we at caring for ourselves as we journey through life? How change-wise are we as individuals? And when the going gets tough how brain friendly are our ‘inner management strategies’?

Inspired by the well-recognised health benefits of mindfulness meditation and advances in organisational neuroscience our Mind Training Series (MTS) offers a myriad of opportunities for both self-care and personal and professional development.

Through an understanding of neuroscience alongside the cultivation of a meditation practice, group discussion and self-reflection individuals will have the opportunity to develop

  • enhanced focus and concentration
  • increased self-awareness and emotional agility
  • better listening, communication and problem solving skills
  • opportunities for improved self-care, physical, mental and emotional health
  • inner resources to manage change, difficulty and complexity more effectively
  • skills and conditions conducive to insight and creativity.

Taught over 8, 2 hour sessions the Mind Training Series is designed to cultivate attention and increased awareness through the ability to observe experience. It is highly experiential and will include the following elements

  • a range of meditation practices that offer the opportunity to develop both self-awareness and come to better understand the habitual tendencies of the inner landscapes of mind, body and emotions
  • inquiry, encouraging delegates to be curious and develop awareness of present moment experience
  • a commitment to meditation practice at home and mindfulness exercises to increase awareness throughout day to day life.

Personal workbooks and meditation downloads are provided for all participants, along with inter-class support.

‘This course is more than just a course…it has been a catalyst for some profound changes in my life through a growing awareness of self, thoughts, actions etc’

Who is this course for?

This course is open to all (please see commitment required below prior to booking) and is suitable for beginners as well as those wishing to refresh or deepen their mindfulness practice.

It is ideal for those

  • who wish to better understand and manage uncertainty and change.
  • looking to cultivate inner resources to manage themselves, their relationships and the complex demands of home and working lives more ably.
  • wishing to explore the possibility of living and working differently
  • who see their health and personal growth as their own responsibility and who like to learn from their experiences rather than looking for a quick fix.

Please click here for our further guidance around:

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Course Schedule

This course will be taught over eight classes from 9th October – 4th December 2020 (excluding 30th October half term). Each class will be 2 hours long and will take place on Friday mornings from 10:00am – 12:00noon.

The Facilitator

The facilitator for this course is Sally Roberts. As a self-confessed workaholic it was only in response to ill health that Sally first found herself drawn to mindfulness in 2008. Having experienced how transformational mindfulness can be on a personal level it was the potential of mindfulness in the workplace which inspired Sally to train to teach mindfulness during 2012. In the years which have followed she has had the privilege of sharing many journeys into mindfulness. As a former HR Manager (MCIPD) Sally is passionate about the transformational potential of mindfulness in organisations, developing a particular interest in the role of mindfulness in managing change and cultivating more ‘brain friendly’ workplaces.

‘Mindfulness should no longer be considered a “nice-to-have” … It’s a “must-have”: a way to keep our brains healthy, to support self-regulation and effective decision-making capabilities, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress.’

-Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain, Harvard Business Review