Introductory Workshops

‘Mindfulness should no longer be
considered a ‘nice-to-have’…
it’s a ‘must-have’

Taster sessions

Mindfulness taster sessions cover the very basics of mindfulness from a health and wellbeing perspective. They are a popular addition to team away days and conferences.

Introductory workshops

Introductory workshops allow individuals space to consider how learning mindfulness might support them, personally and professionally.

Health and Wellbeing

  • Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing
  • Mindfulness for Mental Health
  • Mindful Self-Care

Carers and Healthcare Professionals

  • Caring for the Carer (Employees)
  • Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Care (Healthcare Professionals)

Values, Competency and Skills Development

  • ‘Permission to Pause’ and ‘Pause Power’ (Recharge ~ Reconnect ~ Refocus)
  • Mindfulness for Emotional Agility
  • Mindfulness for Uncertainty and Change

Insight and Creativity

  • Nurturing the ‘Inner Creative’
  • Insight-based Marketing/Human Resources
  • Insight-based Leadership

Management and Leadership

  • The Mind of the Manager
  • Compassionate Leadership
  • Mindfulness and Leadership

In addition to exploring misconceptions around mindfulness, workshops generally include the following elements:

  • an introduction to what mindfulness meditation is (and is not!)
  • where mindfulness comes from and how it works (including some of the research/neuroscience)
  • exploration of the particular workshop theme
  • the opportunity to experience practical mindfulness exercises and meditations
  • next steps for those wishing to learn mindfulness.

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about an introductory event please get in touch.

Please note: we are a small team who spend much of our time out of the office. Whilst we very much look forward to speaking with you we aim to put our team’s wellbeing and our wish to model alternative ways of working above and beyond commitments to unrealistic response time pressures. We are conscious that this can be counter-cultural and thank you for your patience.

Beyond Awareness Raising

Awareness raising is common, yet meaningful change, sadly, is not, with significant implementation gaps between organisational aspiration and day to day approaches.

Mindfulness is a skill which takes time to be learned. Whilst participants may well experience a change in ‘state’ as a result of an introductory session, the researched benefits of mindfulness come from the regular practice of mindfulness meditation and the possibility of changes in ‘trait’*.

Mindfulness training offers powerful opportunities for individuals and organisations to develop more sustainable ‘inner resource packages’ and to ‘build better normals’.

Organisations are encouraged to consider how they can support staff who would like to go on to learn mindfulness. This can range from us simply signposting to books, agreeing staff discounts on our public courses through to the commissioning of in-house mindfulness training courses.


Tailored training to meet organisational needs

‘..If introductory workshops sow seeds of possibility, mindfulness training cultivates the inner conditions required for their germination and brain friendly workplaces the environments necessary for their continued growth’

* * From States to Traits: the Latest Science on What Meditation can and Can’t Do
** You’ve raised awareness, now what?