Mindfulness for Healthcare Professionals November 2013
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Mindfulness and Compassion
The Mindful Way to Reducing Stress  


"Very enjoyable!

A good mix of education and practice - I am looking forward

to  learning more!"

Discover Mindfulness

2013 workshop participant



"10/10 - I can use this personally and as a doctor, will pass on the word to other NHS members... I can see this being used in so many areas.  It's not avoiding life but living for the moment. 

This technique is going to be global very soon."

Mindfulness for Healthcare   

2013 workshop participant (GP)

Workshops and Events


Taster Sessions for Beginners


Evening Workshops

7pm - 9pm Spring dates tbc

Modern science is continuing to demonstrate what ancient wisdom has known all along... that mindfulness is beneficial to our health and well-being.  Join us for an evening at Gray's Court, York, to find out:

    • What mindfulness meditation is (and is not!)
    • Where it comes from and why it works (including some of the research/neuroscience)
    • How some of the simple practices you will learn can be used in your daily life, to help you become calmer and more relaxed, focused and energised

Ideal for: Beginners.  Price: £25 per person.  This workshop is managed by York City Council, please book via www.feelinginspired.co.uk or call 01904 552806.


Day Workshops

9:30am - 4:30pm Spring dates tbc

Most of us experience improved health when we...

  • eat a balanced diet
  • sleep well
  • exercise

But how often do we consider the benefits of a healthy mind?

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to be beneficial to managing a variety of health concerns such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, IBS, CFS/ME, fibromyalgia and depression.

Our introductory workshops provide an opportunity to spend the day at Middlethorpe Hall, exploring the benefits of mindfulness meditation and discovering why taking an active approach to looking after our mind is as essential to our health and wellbeing as diet and exercise.

Ideal for: Beginners.  Price: £90 per person.  This workshop is managed by York City Council, please book via www.feelinginspired.co.uk or call 01904 552806.



Specialist Workshops


Healthcare Professionals - Clinical Skills Workshop

9th and 10th December 2015

This 2-day clinical skills development workshop provides focused support for healthcare professionals looking to further develop their mindfulness practice and consider means of introducing mindfulness to their clients/service users.

Ideal for: Healthcare professionals who have completed an MBSR course.  Price: £225/£250 per person. 

Futher information or to book, please visit www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mindfulness-for-healthcare-professionals-clinical-skills-workshop-registration-18021845826


Mindfulness at Work

Private workshops available on a commissioned basis

Neuroscience has re-written our understanding of the brain over the last two decades. Join our upcoming workshop to find out why forward-thinking organisations such as Google, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the US Marines are incorporating mindfulness courses into their training and development programmes.

The application of mindfulness in the workplace is a means of supporting the physical and mental health of employees, as well as cultivating employee engagement, resilience, creativity and productivity.  Our Mindfulness at Work training programmes are ideally suited for Managers, HR and OD Professionals, and Occupational Health Professionals.

Ideal for: Those looking for inovative approaches to improving employee health/effectiveness.  For further information, please contact: relax@yorkmbsr.co.uk.


Mindfulness in Schools

A wide range of workshops and bespoke courses are available for staff and students wishing to explore the positive influence mindfulness can have within the school setting, including improving relationships, concentration, learning ability and resilience to stress and anxiety.  We particuarly recommend .b ("stop, breathe and be").  This 9 week course has been carefully crafted for use in the classrom and teaches mindfulness as a life skill, using striking visuals, film clips and interactive exercises to engage even the most cynical teenage audience.


To learn more about commissioning private / bespoke training courses or workshops, please contact us at: relax@yorkmbsr.co.uk.  Thank you.



To reserve your place on one of our upcoming courses or events please visit:


For all other enquiries,

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"10/10 - An amazing and informative course introducing

an array of valuable techniques, information and evidence demonstrating the benefits of using mindfulness in schools -

not just for teachers and pupils, but for everyone... I would definately like to take this further in my own school."

Mindfulness in Schools

2013 participant (teacher)




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