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Mindfulness and Compassion
The Mindful Way to Reducing Stress  




Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

A structured 8-week group course teaching mindfulness meditation as an effective and dependable counter-balance to the stresses of life. 


Tuition fee: £225 early bird / £250 standard *

Ideal for: Beginners & graduates. Everyone welcome!  Has been shown to be beneficial to managing a variety of health concerns, including stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, IBS, CFS/ME and fibromyalgia. 

For further information and to book your place, please visit: yorkmbsr.eventbrite.co.uk

MBSR Intensive

Learn mindfulness meditation in 1 week, with this unique residential course at Barmoor Country House on the North York Moors.

Tuition fee : £650 private room / £525 shared room / Organisational discount - £585 private room, £470 shared room (inclusive of accommodation and meals, as well as 5-day course) Ideal for: Beginners & graduates. Everyone welcome! 

For further information or to book your place, please visit: yorkmbsr.eventbrite.co.uk

Well from Depression (MBCT)
A structured 8-week group course combining mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy with a proven record of preventing the relapse of depression. Recommended in NHS guidelines as a treatment of choice for recurrent depression.


Tuition fee: £225 early bird / £250 standard *

Ideal for: Individuals with a history of recurrent depression

For further information or to book your place, please visit: yorkmbsr.eventbrite.co.uk


Mindfulness Based Creativity Course

More Curiosity than Fear.

Mindfulness Based Creativity (MBCr) is an 8-week group course exploring the relationship between mindfulness and creativity as a means of playfully enhancing wellbeing and getting in touch with living the life we always imagined. It provides an exploration of mindfulness meditation and creative writing and drawing exercises in each session.

Tuition fee: £250 early bird / £275 standard *
Ideal for: beginners (to both mindfulness and/or creativity), as well as those wishing to refresh or deepen their mindfulness practice, or explore their creativity in a new way. We invite everyone to put aside their previous knowledge and experience (or lack of it!) and engage a Beginner’s Mind. If you already have a creative pursuit and would like to bring more mindfulness into your practice then this course is for you. If the ‘C’ word (creativity) terrifies you this is exactly the course for you!

For further information or to book your place, please visit: yorkmbsr.eventbrite.co.uk

* All course fees are inclusive of 16+ hours tuition, course materials, guided meditations, inter-class email/telephone support and VAT.  Concessionary rates are available for course graduates, group bookings and persons of low income. Please contact relax@yorkmbsr.co.uk if you believe you may qualify for a concessionary rate. 




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"I am amazed that mindfulness is not yet mainstream.  It's applications and principles cross every generation in dealing with the stressors of modern daily life.  As a Psychiatrist I can see its value with all service users I come across in my day to day practice.  It should be as widely available through the NHS as antidepressants and therapy as a treatment option.  Personally it has been one of the best things I have encountered.  It has made me a more thoughtful person, a better doctor, mum and wife"

Consultant Psychiatrist /

MBCT course participant

"I had been interested in meditation for a long time but was never sure how to go about it (other than through religious organisations, which isn't me). The York MBSR course seemed to offer an alternative and it more than lived up to my expectations... The combination of practical information and advice, and the chance to  practice with others and really feel how it works (and it did!), was just right for me. Now I have at last found what I was looking for and I enjoyed it so much!"

MBSR course participant


"This course [MBSR] should be made part of the national curriculum for children, be an essential part of any degree course and be provided every 3 years by employers to their employees. It should be developed by the prison service and armed forces. In short, it teaches life skills essential for society to continue to function"

GP / MBSR course participant



“MBCT has changed my life.  I am back at work full time and feel like I am a better mum and a better partner.  I am enjoying life now whereas before I was constantly depressed and suffered from three panic attacks a week”

MBCT course participant









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